Santa's Tree Farm and Village

Fire Retardant

Christmas trees placed in commercial buildings often require fire retardant enforceable by the local fire department. Santa's Tree Farm is a certified fire retardant applicator. Licensed by the California State Fire Marshall, the owner of Santa's Tree Farm and Village meets the licensing requirements to fire retard trees for commercial buildings. Just like flocked trees, a fire retardant tree must first be chosen, cut and paid in full.

FNoble-Fir-FRire retardant is $5 per foot in addition to the cost of your tree and tree stand if not provided. Fire retardant trees are left overnight to dry and picked up Tuesdays through Fridays at the farm. Your tree will be placed in a large plastic bag specifically designed for fire retardant trees keeping the fire retardant intact for the drive home.*

Pricing $5/foot, plus cost of tree stand if not provided.

Tree SizePrice
3 foot $15
4 foot $20
5 foot $25
6 foot $30
7 foot $35
8 foot $40

* Must leave overnight to dry. Pick up Tuesdays through Fridays, delivery available.


Santa's Tree Farm and Village is conveniently
located on Hwy 92 in Half Moon Bay
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November 18th to December 24th
Weekends 8-5 / Weekdays 9-5
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