Santa's Tree Farm and Village

Tree Netting

Christmas Tree Netting StationMuch like a hairnet holds human hair in place, a specially designed net has been made for keeping Christmas tree needles intact during transport and while you carry your tree over carpet or furniture in your home. Tree netting helps decrease needle droppings, requiring less clean up. Tree netting is available at Santa's Tree Farm and Village at any of the three netting stations strategically placed around the farm. Netting is $3 a tree. Santa's Tree Farm and Village staff will pull your tree through a machine called a baler which wraps it in its own net. Afterward they are happy to load the tree on top of your vehicle and tie it down safely at no additional charge.

Tree Netting: $3/Tree


Santa's Tree Farm and Village is conveniently
located on Hwy 92 in Half Moon Bay
Click here for directions


November 18th to December 24th
Weekends 8-5 / Weekdays 9-5
Visa and Mastercard accepted Visa and MasterCard accepted