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Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir tree

Douglas Fir trees have soft needles, dark green to blue green in color (see closeup below), and are a favorite for tree shoppers here at Santa's Tree Farm and Village. Just as the complimentary cider at Santa's Tree Farm is sweet, Douglas Fir tree needles have a sweet fragrance. Douglas Fir tree needles measure one to one and a half inches in length; the needles radiate in all directions from the branch.

Douglas Fir Christmas trees grow faster than other fir trees, so at Santa's Tree Farm and Village you can choose and cut the best Douglas Fir from a vast selection. Not only are Douglas Fir trees the best-selling Christmas trees at Santa's Tree Farm and Village, Douglas Firs are one of the top Christmas tree species in the entire United States.

It is highly recommended that you measure your ceiling before coming to Santa's tree farm. Santa's Douglas Firs regularly grow nine to ten feet tall.

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Douglas Fir closeup


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