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Grand Fir

Grand Fir

Are you looking for a Christmas tree that is not only grand in appearance, but will fill your home with the sweet scent of Christmas? A real tree that brings the outdoors in, that reminds you of Christmas joys of long ago?

Grand Fir Christmas trees are known for their strong fragrance, sweet and crisp. Whenever a happy customer calls us at Santa's Tree Farm and Village to let us know how wonderful their new tree smells in the living room, we immediately know that they chose a Grand Fir Christmas tree.

The Grand Fir is a thick-foliaged tree with exceptionally glossy dark green needles. Sometimes a Grand Fir looks so much like a Douglas Fir, that nobody could tell them apart if not for those rich, glossy needles. According to Santa, Grand Fir Christmas trees are Mrs. Claus's favorite Christmas trees!

Grand Fir Christmas trees take about seven to eight years to reach a typical height of seven feet tall. Grand Firs and Douglas Firs are the most popular Christmas trees at Santa's Tree Farm and Village, and we have several fields of these trees ready for cutting. Our large selection includes trees up to ten feet tall, and sometimes taller!

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